Welcome brave travellers

There is so much much to tell you about Dirk Scarlett. Check out all of his videos on YouTube including the atmospheric splendour of his latest release STILL and the amazing VERTICAL VIDEO for his release SOCIAL MEDIA WHORE!

NOw imagine - Coronavirus parody

Made purely to promote the concepts of social distancing in the current crisis, Now Imagine is a from scratch cover of the John Lennon classic Imagine and, like so many things at the moment, is not available in the shops. Please feel free to share the YouTube link to it and lets all work together to get this important message out there to everyone - after all, we are all in this together. The Sweet Licks Mix includes additional guitar by the legendary Ry Jones. #coronavirussong #covidparody


Its hard when relationships end; harder still when that end is completely unexpected! Capturing the incredible cavalcade of emotions that accompany the surprise bombshell of just such a goodbye ambush, A-BOMB! is a feel good singalong track to give hope at these times. You weren't the first, you won't be the last; but you can get through it!

STILL (Radio Edit)

Originally written on my minikey Casio CZ101 back in the dawn of time, STILL tells the story of the emotional cavalcade that accompanies leaving a home you have shared with someone you loved after the relationship has broken down. A downtempo ballad with a hypnotic bassline it captures the essence of lost opportunities & dreams. It is a ballad, so a simple, moody straight performance video with a background of iconic Walsall landmarks.

Social Media Whore

Finally available at long last, the VERTICAL video for Social Media Whore - perfectly designed to be viewed on all your mobiles & tablets whilst you are ignoring someone in the real world right beside you! Inspired by the prevalence of people ignoring other people whilst continually checking their mobiles for any contact whatsoever, Social Media Whore is a tongue in cheek indictment  of modern social graces or the lack thereof. Starring of course, Dirk Scarlett & a dancing kitten!


With a thumper of a driving beat & a catchy hook of a chorus to die for, BANG [ Like a Supernova ] represents Dirk's first foray into the zany, action packed, larger than life world of POWERPOP! Bringing his own unique Intellipop credentials to the mix, this track is the first release where all the music was written, played, mixed & produced by Dirk himself - a true one man band. And with a video inspired by the Japanese vinyl imports of his youth  it is knocking on the door of ART! NOICE!

That's why I love you!

Check out this great video in which Dirk Scarlett & the Beatmores go back to the roots they never had! First appearance on the Ted Mulligan show!

The Gates of Heaven

In which Dirk performs a rare ballad & attempts to hold a serious face for the entire shoot. With excellent additional Spanish guitar by the multi-talented Ry Jones.


Step Outside ( I'm Going Home) is the brand new Christmas track from Dirk Scarlett that now has a lovingly crafted homemade video almost guaranteed to put you in the holiday spirit. Starring not only Dirk himself but a host of others, it also features several well known UK landmarks not being destroyed by aliens - all of it with Dirk's usual wit & ineffable style. Add it to your Christmas playlist!